Friday, March 30


So, I remember that I said that thing about noah the other day and the only thing I have to say is that my general conclusion was that often Father does things for Father and for us, too but often incomprehensible to the human he makes this rainbow as covenant between the earth and he, but mostly to remind himself. How odd is that? Could it be that he is slightly more evasive than we usually think? And by evasive I mean he's less monophonic than we would like, I think. Mind you these are just the musings of a bear of very little brain so disregard what you discern to be faulty thinking. I think it's really cool that this is the case and it does not challenge my power to believe at all but it does seem odd nor am I discounting the views of the saints who I know had to say something about him for the belief to continue...

Anywho, I just thought that was interesting and we also had a discussion about whether or not the curse on the land was lifted, as it appears to have been since father seems to be almost most upset that he largely destroyed his creation. These are neither here nor there really, but just fun thinks to think :)

So, anywho, trying to think of other things to say. While this seems like it is Mink's news to tell and she should, I'm not sure how much you guys talk or not and posting a blog is so much faster than a snail mail letter...she's dating the estimable Ben Petty now! As of a couple days ago and after several years of his trying and after quite a bit of debacle, they finally concluded that it would go that way. Phew, this is such a relief to friends of hers such as myself who have thought and thought about this and wished something would go well in her life. So, thankfulness all around.

Greg's birthday party was a smash hit and it was very fun even though we arrived at Dave and Buster's almost 2 hours late (freakin' Chicago traffic!!!!!). But it was quite the time and some of his friends from other states came and that was a huge surprise and a well-received one at that. I still have about 24 jumbo muffins in my house, a pain when I can't have any cuz I gave them up for Lent. Gotta get rid of those things, can I send you cupcakes? :) We had a decorate your own cupcake bar at Jenn's house after we all left Dave and Buster's. His real b-day was the 28th as you could see but we just went to Olive Garden and then went and watched LOST with Carrie cuz I spent so much time on the surprise party, I didn't have much to do on the real day! Oops. I'm also working on this little journal thing where everybody wrote a little something and he can keep it and see it for years to come....that didn't get done by his b-day either, though :( Oh well, vigil is my life now. Going in about 20 minutes to go load up the trailer with vigil stuff (when will we get a building of our own!?)....

Hope Beijing is fun, Life of a Pilgrim. Write comments if you like cuz I don't think anyone else really even looks at this though they could post too if they wanted (I like that about Blogspot, anyone can post even if they don't have one).

It's palm sunday this week (i hope that's cg; they're too normal words, right?), should be a good partylicious change, yeah for feast days! Thinkin' of ya, have fun travellin'....
Peace out!

Monday, March 26

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Weird/unknown things about Me:

1. I'm terrified of frogs

2. I love the smell of old film reels.

3. I have low tolerance for disorganization and miscommunication.

4. My room is totally disorganized.

5. If I didn't study theology, I would've studied forensic science.

6. I saw the Challenger blow up, we lived in Florida and I was outside and I was watching the launch like we often did; I was only 2 and I remember it.

7. The doctors said I would only be 4'8"...I'm a whopping 5'2" (and 3/4)

8. I won "Best Overall" in a lip sync contest when I was 13, four of us girls did "Shake your Groove Thing" (you can check out the Priscilla:Queen of the Desert soundtrack for details). I wore a silver crushed velvet dress, a vest and go-go boots (we also won for best costumes).

9. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

10. I am not a pretty girl, that is not what I do, I ain't no damsel in distress...(name that tune and musician while you're at it)

11. I baked 48 Texas-sized cupcakes last night for Greg's party tomorrow...exciting but today I'm leaving work at 3 pm to get some rest because of it. If ya know him and didn't write me a card or something to include in his journal yet, send it on over!

Wednesday, March 21


First day of's raining-which I love. It just so happens that it was so rainy and so cloudy that I turned on my lights. It also just so happens that I am so out of it today that I forgot to turn them off. Crap.

Anywho, happy first day of spring. I'm not sure that anyone reads this but perhaps you are reading it. Katherine, for whom the website exists, is no longer allowed (which in my langorousness spelled "aloud") to view blogspots in China. Alas, but here I remain. Did I mention my languor breeds melodrama?

I debated calling in for a couple hours this morning just to get a couple more hours in bed. Every morning's a fight but after only a few hours because you were on the phone for too many...oops, I mean because I was doing very important things that consumed my thought and fed my soul. Well, it was important because sometimes you need to really work it out with someone before you can hang up and in the end, it's a whole lot better. Plus, you may also be scanning and editing a project for said person with whom it is paramount that you work out issues before the sun goes down.
And then I went to work...

Wednesday's are "devotions" day. It's still quite odd to me to work in an environment where you go and read the book, enrich each other's lives and lift one another up and it's just considered part of a hard day's work. Weird. Anyhow, this morning was the Flood story or at least the more optimistic half. This was sort of anticlimactic for me due to the fact that I am actually playing the part of rainstick in a production at fellowship for Vigil this year. Let me explain. Vigil is the all night watchful service before that Sunday that has been celebrated over the centuries by the saints. It's awesome, nine old testament readings dressed in the promises of our father and declaring our Salvation History to give us hope again for the year to come. It also has a lot to do with the emersions that follow. Well, at our place, we step up the readings a notch or two and perform them, dramatically I guess you would say. But please do not think about those "practical" skits that you watch on Sunday mornings that seem to do nothing but confuse the congregation. These have lots of color and banners and art and movement and yet the Word is preserved (when done well) as the joy of the service. So, anywho, the Flood reading is one of these and so this morning I just inwardly groaned at the thought of hearing more. But I should not have done so because as so often happens with the Word, you learn something new every time.

I must stop for today but wanted to post something, so there ya go. My first blogspot post. How quaint.