Wednesday, April 11

ew. cold and snowy today. From my office here on the 4th floor of the BGC, it looks awful. Snow keeps pounding my window and the impending doom makes itself known in the whizzing of wind. Anyhow, that's the weather today. Bleh and again I say, bleh.

But, he is risen. And that is awesome. Today in staff devo (hate that word but figured it was quite appropriately cg), my boss read from Nouwen on the sacred life and that was really good and then about how the son calls us friends. Indeed, friends of the most high. Also, very cool to realize that Word and deed are not separate for him which is great for all of us who live eating of his body every week, it seems to follow suit. I can't go more into that now plus it's very hard in a cg way to do so.

Bear with me as I make this website look more my own, I want something inviting like a living room but learning about how to make things look cool in blogger is harder than I thought. So, I'm trying and it's sort of a mutation right now but hopefully soon I'll get it to look good. It doesn't help that I'd really like Photoshop on my computer but I don't have it, even though it's on every other computer in the office and I could just steal one of those.

I did put up my link to Picasa, I'm also slowly getting pictures on there. I'm waiting on pics from greg's party, vigil 2007 and st patrick's day partying.

Snow beneath whose chilly softness
Some that never lay
Make their first Repose this Winter
I admonish Thee

Blanket Wealthier the Neighbor
We so new bestow
Than thine acclimated Creature
Wilt Thou, Austere Snow?

~Emily Dickinson

Well, that's all for now. Have a good couple days before I talk to you again.


At A Hen's Pace said...

Hi Noel! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and it's so nice to know about yours!

I love Emily Dickinson. Perfect for the weather we're having--isn't it wild?


Katherine said...

Hey girl...thanks so much for posting the special week pictures. I LOVED looking through them, and they made me very homesick for Rez. :) Can't wait to be praising together again!