Wednesday, September 19

2 rings!

I love how it bugged you so much to know what it meant. Sorry I missed ya earlier. You'd think with how bored I am at work a lot of the time that I would fill it with things like writing blogs. As soon as I sit down to write my mind wanders and I have no idea any longer what glorious things are worthy of my blog.

Anyway, 2 rings! simply means that Greg has narrowed down his ring hunt to a mere 2 rings and is now deciding between them. I suppose he might've already and I'm just in the dark, but yes, only 1 ring left to find them, rule them and in the darkness bind them, you get the picture. And by a ring, I mean engagement ring :)

That is all. Well, that really wasn't so difficult, I'm really not sure why it took so long to get out.

Now, ahem, excuse me, I am hunting for reception sites. I'll send you some links soon. Love you much, I hope you are now able to have a relaxed uneventful day since you now know the origin of the 2 rings!

Shoot, and I can't believe I didn't mention this: Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! or I guess observed since your there and I'm here.