Friday, October 26

over here, over there, funny things are everywhere

So, we've come to that lovely time of year when I start asking what hoochie outfit will I wear this year? :) Only half kidding but it's true as can be seen by any adult women's costume section...that the point of Halloween is to be as hooched out as possible.

Where does one go for hoochification of this magnitude? Why, Goodwill, of course! So, Greg and I shall traverse the fluorescence and bohemoth that is the Aurora branch on Saturday evening. It should be fun, since he doesn't work for an uptight e-ang-lical college (did you like that cg?), he actually gets to dress up for work. Fun fun. So, this year I wanted to go as Clue characters (the board game not the movie). I wanted Greg to be Mr. Body and wear all black and just do a chalk outline and then maybe have a knife sticking out of his chest or something. However, he said that wouldn't fit under the apron. Alas. So, I am Ms. Scarlett with the wrench in the Library. He has yet to determine which character he is, he will likely be with the revolver or wrench in the kitchen (at least while he's at work with the apron on). So wish us good luck as we have determined to triumph in the arena of Goodwill.

In other news:

Well, I'm sitting here printing out pages to a jabillion paged guide to one of our collections. I only figured out how to print it because Paul had to show me where the "print odd pages" button was located. I am usually a great problem solver and so I don't understand how I keep missing really easy things like that. It happens what feels like daily, though I don't think that's actually the case...but I think it keeps me humble. So, I was just sitting here thinking about that. I guess it's good that I feel stupid like that sometimes; it really does work on the knocking me back down to size thing. I suppose that means I should be thankful then for these opportunities to exercise virtue...but unfortunately that's not really the first thing that comes to my mind :(

We went to Maryland this past weekend for Greg's mom's husband's 30th birthday party. It was a surprise that we were all coming for it and because of that, she hadn't been able to frantically clean earlier in the week. So, we helped her clean frantically while we were there, which was actually pretty fun. I mean the house was pretty clean by the time we got there anyway. I'm trying to think of non-mundane things to tell you about that weekend, but my dear, I'm not sure there were any. We had the party; Greg and I fell asleep on the couch at like 10 which apparently is when everyone decided to show up and the party got bumpin'. Oh well, we lived. On Sunday, we visited Greg's old fellowship...we were late but that was ok because it was basically a celebration of his ex-fiance's dad's (who's the leader) 30th anniversary of ministry. It was good to be there and to see how important this guy had been in his life and why. We saw a few of Greg's old friends, ex-fiance and her new husband and her sister who's was crazy...then just sort of vegged with his mom a lot, played computer games, etc.
We had a die hard game of Looney Tunes monopoly...and literally I've never seen anyone actually get a monopoly before but Greg's friend, Ashley ended up having every single property and all of our money. Weird. Anyway, so that was about it, a good weekend with the fam...which was good since they're visit here probably wasn't all that good. At least I'm not sure they had a good time...and I'm not sure whether or not his mom reads this so we'll just stop there :) oo. Also. In the airport, I found a really cute outfit for my nephew (who hasn't yet been born) and it had crabs and lobsters on it and it read, "It's all about me, I'm Shellfish!" heeheehee So cute...

[Meanwhile, the paper printed in the wrong direction for the first 20 pages, gotta re-do it! And apparently I accidentally left the last page in it which was not being printed on both sides and one of my co-workers just printed a legal document onto it...oh the joys!]

Oh, Rez is buying land! Exciting stuff, its' really beautiful...of course I've only seen it on Google Earth but it looked awesome. It will take some time before it's officially ours and definitely before we can build on it but it's still good that we're doing it. Please be lifting that up. Oh yeah, and I guess I'm officially your Barnabas team person....funny

I will add more later if I think of it...but for now that is all. I hope you feel much much better...thank goodness that you don't have to teach today or tomorrow or yesterday...heehee...

Alright, back to my paper problems...I mean humility building exercises. Here's a little treat about my current attitude. (Second row, it's "I don't care Friday")