Friday, October 17

Autumnal Awesomnity!

How does one celebrate Fall--even on an 80 degree day--in the Midwest?


So, the lovely Mink and I steadily made our way out to a Pumpkin Harvest weekend in Waterman, IL. However, we couldn't mosey on out without stopping at the Midwest's largest thrift stores or a Waterman estate sale now, could we? No, we couldn't.

it was fun even though the patch was pretty picked over, still got some good gourds and mini guys!

mmm...enjoying pumpkin pie more than a girl should ;)

PS. Also, I got my hairs cut! But that was about 3 weeks ago, that must've been right around the same time. Will post more pics of the shortness that you can actually see very soon! Gotta upload them, you know how it is....