Thursday, November 20

almost T-giving

I don't like spelling out the entire word anymore so you'll have to appreciate the non-chalance of T-giving. It's like how one of co-workers names is C---stian. But I always spell it "Xian". Anywho, we're gearing up for the holidays here.

But I was so dismayed when I walked around campus on Wednesday and saw that physical plant was putting up christmas lights already!! Ugh, Blanchard lawn has already been transformed into a whimsical sea of multi-colored lights! Nooo, I thought. And then yesterday, we drove through Glen Ellyn and noted that there was a giant red bow complete with giant green garlands adorning every light post not to mention the giant tree which obscures your view of oncoming traffic at the corner of Main St. and Crescent. But don't pay no nevermind to that because we've decided to sneak Xmas into Halloween. Maybe it's the passive aggressive Suburban way of saying "Hey evil, take this!" (and they bite their thumbs at evil and all that jazz).

Now, don't worry I love a well lit tree and gaudily adorned abode as much as the next elf, but seriously, can't we wait till after T-giving?! I mean it almost would be appropriate to wait till Advent, but I admit that's too long to wait, even for me. I prefer the leaving up of the tree till February. Cuz I mean seriously what Holiday do we get next? Valentine's? Gag me. Patrick's? Hardly worth the mention. And waiting all the way through Lent seems so much like fasting...oh wait. Anyway, all that to say, our falala-ing and yulelog-ing will transpire as the Collins have always celebrated, the day after or the day after the day after T-giving.

But in traditional procrastinatory fashion, as this is a pseudo T-giving post, I'm going to put up pictures of Halloween :) And then maybe in Advent, I'll put up pics of T-giving and the tree dressing. PS--I must admit it is hard not to put up the cresch (spelling?) that K got us in China!!!! Can't wait for that. We definitely have plans...

My hot Professor Plum with the Rope [in the Billiard Room or
Ballroom depending on the places we were celebrating this year]

we went to play Whirly Ball with the Psych department from Wheaton, doesn't that sound kooky? it was and Whirly Ball is fun, but kinda hard. I love that picture where Greg's drinking from my lid. That sounded far more sexual than intended...sorry. But since you can see the picture you know I mean nothing by it :) And there's Jenn, she was Abby from the show NCIS.

But, I'll leave you with these gems of pictures. Look, I'm a venti soy decaf no whip mocha! And check out that handsome handsome devil of a man. Yup, he's my roommate.

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My friends - they're such nerds.