Wednesday, November 19

symbols of our vows

a documented conversation between Greg and I over the decision of our rings...seemed fitting given the previous post. so typical us...

Noel: which one did you pick?

so that's the one fate chose

Noel: and how do you feel now that it's chosen?
sometimes that's the indicator

Gregoire: pretty good.. means i don't have to feel responsible anymore ;-)

Noel: if you get that one and then you go...oh, nevermind, i didn't want that after all
okay, well, ya know, it's just your wedding ring so it's probably good you're so flippant about it.

Gregoire: i do like it.. it's just a big decision, and i've lost so many rings in my life that i'm nervous about that as well

Noel: oh, yeah
well, you don't have to wear it to work if you don't want
if it helps, i've lost nearly every ring i've ever owned
except this one

Gregoire: not wearing it is how i lose it =P

Noel: not if you just don't put it on in the morning and you keep it in its box

Gregoire: i'm trying to not be flippant

Noel: is that one the cheaper one?

Gregoire: heheheh

Noel: cuz that makes me feel better

Gregoire: i love you
frugal you

Noel: we're going to tattoo it, so if it gets lost, we'll just leave it
till we're independently wealthy

Greg's ring:

Noel's Ring (which unfortunately will not be here in time for the wedding):

please note: the sapphire ring in the middle is not her ring.

a pic of the engagement ring for memory:

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