Wednesday, March 4

my Lenten trials...

Here's my recounting of what happened the day after Ash Wednesday:

So, I walk in this morning and there's no less than 3 kinds of girl scout cookies tantalizing me with their sweet goodness at the coffee cabinet right by my desk! So I go over to heat up my turkey sausages in the mail room and there are brownies on Jean's desk and then more Girl Scout cookies in the mail room right next to a scrumptious looking cheese danish! What the @()$&A@#(%&? Honestly, I've never seen so many sweet morsels in our offices...EVER.
So, I groan and a co-worker hears me groan and says, "Yeah, I know but you should definitely try the girl scout cookies- they have this yummy lemon on the bottom..."on and on. And I said, "Does no one around here celebrate Lent?!" And she said, "You're not Catholic..." sort of incredulously and then added tentatively, "...are you?" I said, "No I'm Anglican". Not that that is really the reason why I celebrate Lent either. But I was surprised and dismayed at the ignorance of my co-workers and everyone's disregard or ignorance to put it more positively for the Lenten season. I honestly can't imagine my life without the fellowship's seasonal calendar. How odd. So I'm praying for grace and not being judgmental...and thanking the Father that I made it through the schmorgasborg of tempting treats obstacle course this morning--I guess it really does build hope--what do ya know?

So there ya go, there's the full version story of my google away message that made you laugh :)
It's hard bein' female, lower middle class and anglican :P...

Tuesday, March 3

my so-called life

Do you remember that show? Ha! Anyway, my post isn't about the show. I just thought that perhaps it's time for me to just put down sorta what I do in my day, what I've been working on, etc.

Really that just means putting in links so that you can go see for yourself! :)
Now, these aren't all really CG but maybe if you just visit once it won't matter? I don't really know but given the place where I work it's hard to share and for the site to be completely CG ya know?
But maybe the other 2 of you who read this wanna go take a look :P

So, our BGC Archives Annual Report says a lot about what we do and how I spend my time during the can also go to Year in Pics to just see pictures of where I work and how I spent my year on the job. One of the pictures is of a "Survival Guide" page I made for Freshman--there's a link to the actual page at YiP.

I also designed this promotional piece for our 1st ever BGC Archives Lecture which we are continuing this next year as be looking forward to that! But don't hold your breath too much...

It's hard to show all of the other things I do but if you browse around the site you'll be able to find some transcripts and things. I really like the Bulletin Board pages...(my colleagues design those) they give cool stories and info without it being an overwhelming amount of information.

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my life!