Sunday, October 24

It's about who you Gno[sis]...

Here's a copy of the flyer I made for an assignment for History of the Early Church.  It was a really fun assignment and a genius idea for an exam essay.  I really enjoyed it--as you know, probably too much.  The question was released to us about a week in advance and at first, I panicked, thinking "How will I even pick a font in that much time?!"  Those of you who have been around me when I'm designing will have observed this aesthetic angst and likely have laughed at me, at least once in my life :)
But, anyway, here it is.  Would you attend this class?  Does it sound intriguing?

In order to see it, you will have to click on it, which will open a new window and then if you click again, you can read it in large print.  Sorry for the trouble!

Wednesday, July 21's official

To: Campus Community

From: Paul Ericksen, BGC Archives

Re: Noel's departure -- open house

Dear Colleagues,

Noel Collins Pfeifer, who has worked in the BGC Archives for three-and-a-half years will conclude her work for us is Friday, July 23. She has been a great and capable part of the team and has brought new efficiencies and her perspective to our operation and service to our researchers and others who call upon us. We will miss her contribution and friendship, but encourage her on her way. She and her husband relocate to Ambridge, PA, to begin seminary there. We'll be hosting an open house throughout Thursday afternoon, July 22nd from 2:30-4:30. If you have worked with, had contact with or are friends with Noel, we would be glad to have you stop by to add your farewell to ours.

Saturday, June 19


I have promised a couple of people that I would post photos of some banners that Greg and I made for Trinity Sunday (weekend after Pentecost). So, I'll put these here. The inception was mostly mine, but execution I owe to several people who gave me their two cents...and especially to my husband who helped immensely and even went by himself one night to finish filling in the letters.

So, that's how people saw them as they walked in and I included a couple of close-ups for your viewing pleasure. We learned a couple of helpful things in the process. Neither of us had ever projected and traced before so that was new...though not very difficult as we soon found out. It did however take much longer than originally thought. I remember, after one night of spending several hours at the Ministry Center, Greg said that he would've preferred if I had just told him what to do. But, I realized that what he was feeling was the result of my choosing to sort of make things up as I went along. As you know, this is not usually my style. However, a couple of things came to light, a) I am a visionary in matters of art and aesthetics in the church, b) we did not have lots of time to complete our project, c) I could have done a better job of splitting Rublev's Trinity into 6 pieces which perhaps, would have helped it go a little smoother and d) as much as I love helping set up the banners and using art to represent Truth, I lack the skills, in particular with the medium of fabric to achieve much on my own. Now, I did have some help with d), but there were several issues which ensued once we began the project that required fixing by much double-sided tape, velcro and a willingness to experiment. But, I actually thought that was pretty fun. It was quite the project in ghetto-rigging. You know, though, when your church actually takes place in a high school and all materials reside on carts lovingly manhandled weekly by the RezBearers, ghetto rigging just seems to fit. :)

Speaking of which, we also were responsible for the banners in the front of the church. I really wanted to use the three colors found in the Trinity icon to tie it into the front. We actually saw the deacon who was preaching that Sunday earlier in the morning and he said he was speaking about the colors in Rublev's Trinity! So, at that point, we knew it was the Holy Spirit (we previously had no idea that he had planned to speak about this icon at all!). So, we went up front only to discover that the t-bar which is almost always with the banner supplies, was nowhere to be found. So ghetto rig we did (after Greg made an emergency trip to the Ministry Center). I stayed, armed with the three colors and an imagination. So here's what we came up with:

Now that I've actually completed this blog, it makes me think how silly it is that I didn't finish it way earlier. I even already have ideas for the next ones. However, Greg and I need to get crackin' on our pfeiferpfiles site so you can check us out over there for a little bit. Also, pictures of our other art project are soon to follow (as soon as I take them).

Friday, June 4

FY10Q1 pt III

Well, March saw the beginning of Lent. I don't even remember what I gave up now which is probably for the better. However, I do remember feeling that it was Lent. Greg and I wrote a blog for it for the bulletin for one Sunday. I'll try to dig it up.

I don't often participate in feast days but this year (oh! I just remembered, I gave up cloves and alcohol.) I decided to participate some. The best was for St. Patrick's day for which we had a great party, great cottage pie, toasted all who entered and watched Waking Ned Devine, such a sweet movie. Never has Bailey's tasted so sweet ;) But in any case, I think Greg had given me this set of flowers and as usual, they slowly began to die. I actually think red flowers are really pretty when they start dying. BUT, I saw this bunch and the one pink flower and I thought, "Whoa, this set of flowers totally says to me, 'Feast Day'". So that's what I call it and I share it with you. :)

March, I think was pretty unexciting otherwise. Greg and I did get to go to San Anton over his birthday weekend though and that was awesome. Here's some pics, mostly of the cutest little boy in the world...and a few others for kicks.

So, that was San Anton in a nutshell. Animatronic dinosaurs that Ethan was at first frightened of but then became quite fond of, T-rex eating my mom and husband, my dad's nameplate of sanctity, enjoying a little Wii Fencing and lovin' on Ethan some more.

FY10Q1 part deux

So, February. Well, I can barely remember back that far but I know we went to the quaint little town of Ambridge, Pennsylvania where we will soon be moving! For more on that, please see our joint blog at: Your news for all things Pfeifer especially as we adventure through seminary. It also has some things like ways to be lifting us up and ways you can help.

Oh, first off, we decided to show off our Pittsburgh "pride" by cheering on the Steelers at the Fairfield Annual Super Bowl party. I know it looks like I'm flipping off the camera but I'm pretty sure I was just throwing a different gangsta sign. You know how it is.
Then, we attended Trinity School for Ministry's "Be A Seminarian" for a day program. But, check this out, one of my roommates from college lives IN Ambridge (the town is seriously like 2000 people and she and her hubby and 2 girls are 4 of them!). So, our other roommate flew down from NH to hang with us. I'm sure everyone is glad that I couldn't find a picture of the dynamic trio from the college days. Maybe later :) And I just have to include this next one because, you see, in college, I was actually known for the ridiculous length of my tongue which people knew because I was so much less mature than and would often use that as my crude gesture of choice when crossed. And look, here's my roommate's daughter, a perfect protege!Heeheehee. :P Isn't she the cutest? In case you can't tell, her tongue is also out. In fact, I think there's a whole sequence of us with out tongues out :)

So, our "Seminarian for a Day" time began with a little Valentine's bowling party with the church of our kind hosts. Hooray for Ambridge's 8-lane alley!

And here's the school:

Yup, that's the whole school. One block!
Pretty sweet, eh?
But it was really nice to go and check it out, even if there was two feet of snow on the ground. We felt there was great confirmation for us to be there especially because the community is phenomenal. So, that'll be the next piece of our adventure and like I said for more on that, check out our blog.
See ya for March, I gotta go cheer for the Blackhawks!

Thursday, May 20

FY10Q1 part 1

So I'm sittin' here sipping my Bailey's and VIA (Instant Ready Brew-Decaf) coffee just chillin'. Already posted the most ridiculous profile picture up on facebook, already soaked my feet in the bathtub, already sat around my A and watched Bones. I was going to continue to work on my table which I think I began around the same time that I posted my last blog on this thing :P. Sorry, dear friends, but here I was and I thought, "Oh hell yes, I am going to finally write that blog that I've said since January that I'm going to write." Okay, well, it's not the same one I was going to write in January because a lot's happened since then and who are we kidding? My memory's just not that good. But, without further ado, here's our first quarter-ish of 2010 in pics.

First off, my dear dear friend, Mink, moved in with us. She needed a cheap home, we could use a little money off our rent since trying to save for Grad School and are blessed with a big 2-bedroom apartment. We also know a thing or two about how to live together after 6 years of friendship so it's all worked out great. Here's our family photo taken a month or so ago. You'll see pictured: I, the loving matriarch, tenderly but firmly urging lovely, innocent Mink and tough guy Greg to just get along. Okay, that's not at all how it is: in fact, Greg and Mink get along like two schnitzels on a platz. That is funny, I'll explain why; Greg and Mink are food lovers...meaning she appreciates all manner of encased meat and will gladly consume it with my husband while I sit very far away and try not to gag. So, it's just win-win-win for everyone.

As has become our custom now, we headed to Baltimore for "Christmas" with Greg's side of the fam. This always brings many types of merriment, which this year included, but was not limited to:

A Ravens game
with high school friends

Doggie Time

Game Time

Grandparent Time

TAT time!So, it's real late now and I've only just finished January but will get Part II up this weekend. Hope you've enjoyed the update thus far.
Peace out, homies.