Sunday, October 24

It's about who you Gno[sis]...

Here's a copy of the flyer I made for an assignment for History of the Early Church.  It was a really fun assignment and a genius idea for an exam essay.  I really enjoyed it--as you know, probably too much.  The question was released to us about a week in advance and at first, I panicked, thinking "How will I even pick a font in that much time?!"  Those of you who have been around me when I'm designing will have observed this aesthetic angst and likely have laughed at me, at least once in my life :)
But, anyway, here it is.  Would you attend this class?  Does it sound intriguing?

In order to see it, you will have to click on it, which will open a new window and then if you click again, you can read it in large print.  Sorry for the trouble!