Monday, September 22

long time, no write?

I can't believe I haven't written since May! I suppose Katherine came home in June so figured she didn't need my updates desperately and as for the rest, my blogging energy went into our couple blog which was fun but there will be more news than just couple news...not to mention that it's not CG.

Anyway, well, I'm married now! How crazy is that? I leave for a few months and come back with an MRS. Just kidding, but hey at least we went through with it this time...hooray! We got back from Seattle/Mt. Rainier/Vancouver this past week, after almost 2 weeks away, it was glorious...literally. I will do an entire story with images re: the honeymoon later. For now, I can let some of my itchier friends who could not make the wedding get a few tasty morsels so that when I speak of the event, they can have a picture in mind. Though, mind you, these are not the professional photos, they are still fine for painting a general idea.

More to come!

p.s.--Happy Hobbit Day and first day of Fall!

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Katherine said...

you are GORGEOUS my dear...can't wait to see even more pictures! i'm so sad i couldn't be there!