Wednesday, February 25

you are butt dust...

This is a quote from my husband...and yes he definitely meant "butt" as a twist on the liturgy of today. Now, I know it's a somber day and all and that we should take it seriously. But, this really did make my morning and has made me laugh several times since. And yes, we are going to get ashed at noon and Greg said to me, "Don't giggle when they put the ashes on you!" Can you imagine? Aaaaaaaw-ful. Trying to explain to Karen that I just couldn't help but thinking I'm butt dust and that I just get all tickled inside thinking about how I'm ashes? Oh no. Well, if I'm smited, you'll at least all know why :) All four of you.

I should be working, but for some reason Library of Congress subject headings just aren't getting my goat. Anyway, trying to think of something profound to say on Ash Wednesday. Nothing's coming to me. Well, I have always wanted to get a phoenix one being reborn from the ash. But, I've always thought it's probably a lot of money and I'd want it to be beautiful and big. Perhaps I'll start a body art fund. But, I love the idea that we are ash and then of course, of resurr ection...not sure if that's a cg word or not, so I'll break it up just in case ;) I know this day is not the day to keep R-tion in mind necessarily but I'm an idealist. We're also in a Chri---logy class right now and so we're learning all about the Son and I can't help then but to meditate on all things pertaining to Him and life, and one big thing supported by the overwhelming evidence of the Writings is R-tion. That He rose is intrinsically linked with who we are in Him and who we will be throughout eternity. How cool. And the Triuneness decided on that to be our glory--us, who are but ash.

Processing collections is calling my name, have a good day of remembrance.

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Katherine said...

ahhh...thanks for the chuckle. thought of all of you at rez as i went through the liturgy by myself last night. :)