Friday, June 4

FY10Q1 pt III

Well, March saw the beginning of Lent. I don't even remember what I gave up now which is probably for the better. However, I do remember feeling that it was Lent. Greg and I wrote a blog for it for the bulletin for one Sunday. I'll try to dig it up.

I don't often participate in feast days but this year (oh! I just remembered, I gave up cloves and alcohol.) I decided to participate some. The best was for St. Patrick's day for which we had a great party, great cottage pie, toasted all who entered and watched Waking Ned Devine, such a sweet movie. Never has Bailey's tasted so sweet ;) But in any case, I think Greg had given me this set of flowers and as usual, they slowly began to die. I actually think red flowers are really pretty when they start dying. BUT, I saw this bunch and the one pink flower and I thought, "Whoa, this set of flowers totally says to me, 'Feast Day'". So that's what I call it and I share it with you. :)

March, I think was pretty unexciting otherwise. Greg and I did get to go to San Anton over his birthday weekend though and that was awesome. Here's some pics, mostly of the cutest little boy in the world...and a few others for kicks.

So, that was San Anton in a nutshell. Animatronic dinosaurs that Ethan was at first frightened of but then became quite fond of, T-rex eating my mom and husband, my dad's nameplate of sanctity, enjoying a little Wii Fencing and lovin' on Ethan some more.

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