Wednesday, September 19

2 rings!

I love how it bugged you so much to know what it meant. Sorry I missed ya earlier. You'd think with how bored I am at work a lot of the time that I would fill it with things like writing blogs. As soon as I sit down to write my mind wanders and I have no idea any longer what glorious things are worthy of my blog.

Anyway, 2 rings! simply means that Greg has narrowed down his ring hunt to a mere 2 rings and is now deciding between them. I suppose he might've already and I'm just in the dark, but yes, only 1 ring left to find them, rule them and in the darkness bind them, you get the picture. And by a ring, I mean engagement ring :)

That is all. Well, that really wasn't so difficult, I'm really not sure why it took so long to get out.

Now, ahem, excuse me, I am hunting for reception sites. I'll send you some links soon. Love you much, I hope you are now able to have a relaxed uneventful day since you now know the origin of the 2 rings!

Shoot, and I can't believe I didn't mention this: Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! or I guess observed since your there and I'm here.


Katherine said...

thanks for easing my mind...and you best be A LOT quicker at updating me when the actual engagement happens...or else i might just be angry enough to come all the way to america to yell at you!

Katherine said... was funny, I almost laughed. Except it's really hard to laugh when you're crouched on the bathroom floor with violent chills from your 103 degree fever unable to make it from the bed to the bathroom anymore... :) where's that new post you promised me?