Friday, August 24

the Not as Great Flood of 2007

...point in fact, there wasn't much flood about it. The sump pump didn't even have to come on. And unlike last year, when the damage was detrimental due to water (see image for evidence)

However, 3 o' clock produced sheets of rain, high winds (several trees flew into houses), a black out strong enough to know out Wheaton College's power and last but not least, my first real Tornado warning ever. So, picture it: Wheaton's finest trapped with a battery-operated radio in the Graham Cracker with no lights, nowhere to go, not even cell phone reception. Ah yes, it was great. Too bad we scheduled a going away party for a co-worker that day. But, it worked out ok, the light obstructed the party-goers views my greedy fingers reaching for more of Jean's mom's awesome egg rolls :)

Got to go home early to find two of my other roommates, who also work at Wheaton, in what can only be called perfect seance conditions...several candles and no lights working. Though, each of tried every time we walked in the bathroom to turn the light and vent no avail. Jenn and I thought about going to watch Nancy Drew but as if straight from a movie, the moment I stepped onto the porch, there was an amazing thunder clap and lightning smack and the rain poured like it wasn't going to stop for 40 days. But it stopped about 2 hours later.

What's the best option for a night with no power? Monopoly by candlelight. Maybe you didn't think of that first but we certainly did. Awesome. We also prayed Wheaton wouldn't have power in the morning but alas, here we are at work, writing blogs...heeheehee. Even though, the power already went out once which subsequently set off the fire alarm. TGIF, ya know?

That is all for today...Happy Bartholomew's Day! Some cool readings in the good Book for his day (check em out through BCP). That is all. Good night and good luck.

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Katherine said...

aaagghhh...i have just checked every manner of communication from you and found NOTHING! do you realize what you're putting me through? :)