Tuesday, May 13

our big fat offbeat wedding

What a whirlwind! Fam came in last wednesday for my 25th birthday. Yes, quarter of a century. Outrageous. Where does the time go?

Wednesday we visited with Karen who's our contact at Winnetka Community House where our reception will be. So many questions, so much confusion, a few questions answered differently. It's hard to plan all of this stuff, not that I didn't know. But, it's crazy that you, the paying customer can have as many ideas as you want but really it's all sent through one or two filters of the people who run the venues and that limits-for better or worse-your sense of what you want. For instance, who would think that it would be okay to bring in your own flowers, tiki lamps and any other decor so long as it's not fabric? Weird, right? Bah. Well, I guess plain ol' white poly blend tablecloths and napkins it is. We got to diagram the tables and everything which was pretty cool. There were many references to "martha stewart brides" of which Greg and I are not. My mom found this really cool site that I think encompasses more the kind of values that Greg and I have: Offbeat Bride

It's just crazy that a person totally outside your sphere of influence really gets to determine what your wedding is or is not. How messed up! Oh well, I guess that's just how the world works. Of course, if our budget was one of those "average American weddings" you always hear about that's 21, 500 then I suppose we'd be like, "What's another $30 tablecloth matter?" But, as it is, we are not the average Martha Stewart Bride Americans, so I guess we'll find our flair elsewhere.

All in all, the meeting was fine. This is my initial (somewhat facetious) apology to our losh friends that we will not have a full bar at which to consume to heart's content. I know it's a little surprising since Greg and I love to drink so much. But, when the offerings are Bud, Bud Light and Heineken...well, ya know.... So, hopefully we'll think up a fun little cocktail just for us and you can drink that, like it or not :) A "signature drink" Martha Stewart brides call it is what we were told...why do they get to patent that phrase? Did they really come up with it? It used to make me think of a speakeasy...except now it's tainted with Martha. I don't in general have anything against her, but now she's the norm which makes those of us without her mad skills look sub par.

Anyway, the reception will be awesome and it will be very Greg and I...as it should be. Not even white poly blend tablecloths can stop that! Mom and Dad loved the space and Mom got to stun everyone with her use of the word "perambulator" and we had a very lovely day all in all.

And that was only the first 5 hours of their being in town...more posts to follow.

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Anonymous said...

cover your ears to the Martha Stewart stuff! All your off-beat friends will much prefer your off-beat wedding anyhow!