Wednesday, December 24

ah yes, the Xmas spirit...

So, on my way to work this morning, I slowed to a stop at an intersection where apparently there had been a biker cycling across. He was in my blind spot at first but I was slowing to a stop anyway...but apparently not fast enough for him. Apparently, he thought I was just going to hit him instead of stop. So, he yelled "F*$% off!"...well, mouthed, I couldn't actually HEAR him...and then sped off to cut through the Wheaton campus. I thought he was an employee which sent me in to shock. But then I honked and drove off to work. I hope that man has a better Holiday than Holiday Eve, seems like he needs it. I mean I guess he was biking (with no hat or helmet mind you) through the snow that's been falling for like 4 hours and through fatty, wet 4 inch thick snow. My day wouldn't be that great either, I guess.

But, yeah, that just got me thinkin' about the good ol' Xmas spirit. We watched "Muppet christmas Carol" last night...always good for a laugh and some good reminders about not being a Scrooge. We're looking forward to it in the Collins-Pfeifer household personally. I forgot to bring my camera to download pics of Xmas at Michael Court...but that will come soon, I hope.

Hooray for only 3 more hours of work. I am keeping you all in my last day of Advent thoughts and hoping that you will be surrounded in Light tomorrow as you celebrate. Merry Holiday to all and to all a Merry Holiday!!!

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Anonymous said...

"Light the lamp, not the rat!"