Wednesday, November 26


Well, I said I wouldn't post more or about things for which I'm thankful. Well, I'll pretend I'm not thankful for the following or for the great season of Falltumn, which is drawing to a close rapidly in 20 degree Chicagoland. So, here's a tribute (in combo with general things I love):

we miss you boys! can't wait for you to come back and wrestle greg to the ground some more!

Dad and I on the long walk to my doom...jokes!

my veil that my mom and I made

the cute old people neighbors by my old house

our hallway is this color!

our berry tree right by our porch

shouldn't be allowed to exist, but oh, it does.
dancin' with the sister and the bro at the wedding

an Alabama autumn

remember this? we all got a hole in one! i'm a goofball in this pic, but good times!

a little too much fun with the stamps...miss you, MJ!

the cutest baby ever, my nephew, Ethan, who loves his toes...he makes an aunt so proud!

my famski!

before going on a date...showin' off my new do

fave pic of Mink ever

the dezwaan boys...and Benedick of course.
just chillin', watchin the Olympics.

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Mink said...

Awesome pix - except maybe that one of me with meat....