Wednesday, September 23

proverbs blizzog

So, instead of blogging on our own sites, we blogged on our fellowship's!
I'm not even sure K can reach this by proxy anymore so I won't bother CGifying the things we wrote for posting here just yet. But, K, if you need me to, I will.

Anyway, our fellowship has decided to do a sort of outreach event for 4 weeks. We busted out the big guns the first Sunday with animal balloons and hot dogs and celtic dancers and an art show and root beer kegs. I've also noticed the singing of fairly common hymns with our own brand of flair of course. The choir's also back in gear and Lisa did a cool set-up of banners. Also making a wooden sign post that goes with the talk's series that we're on which is "Stop and Get Direction". As funny as I might think it is to be trying seeker-sensitive models now (like a few years past when it was "cool"), we are supporting our fellowship in the ways we know how. Oh, if I didn't mention, everyone was thinking about who they would invite to this event, etc and were supposed to bring someone out of fellowship with the Father.

So, there were these booklets handed out that are basically a devotional guide for the next 4 weeks. It is based on proverbs and are loosely based on a theme. The staff asked different people to share their thoughts on the blog so a different person is taking each day. Greg wrote on Integrity and I just did Pride and Humility. So click on those to find our thoughts and click around our congregation's blog to find other peoples thoughts as well.

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