Wednesday, March 21


First day of's raining-which I love. It just so happens that it was so rainy and so cloudy that I turned on my lights. It also just so happens that I am so out of it today that I forgot to turn them off. Crap.

Anywho, happy first day of spring. I'm not sure that anyone reads this but perhaps you are reading it. Katherine, for whom the website exists, is no longer allowed (which in my langorousness spelled "aloud") to view blogspots in China. Alas, but here I remain. Did I mention my languor breeds melodrama?

I debated calling in for a couple hours this morning just to get a couple more hours in bed. Every morning's a fight but after only a few hours because you were on the phone for too many...oops, I mean because I was doing very important things that consumed my thought and fed my soul. Well, it was important because sometimes you need to really work it out with someone before you can hang up and in the end, it's a whole lot better. Plus, you may also be scanning and editing a project for said person with whom it is paramount that you work out issues before the sun goes down.
And then I went to work...

Wednesday's are "devotions" day. It's still quite odd to me to work in an environment where you go and read the book, enrich each other's lives and lift one another up and it's just considered part of a hard day's work. Weird. Anyhow, this morning was the Flood story or at least the more optimistic half. This was sort of anticlimactic for me due to the fact that I am actually playing the part of rainstick in a production at fellowship for Vigil this year. Let me explain. Vigil is the all night watchful service before that Sunday that has been celebrated over the centuries by the saints. It's awesome, nine old testament readings dressed in the promises of our father and declaring our Salvation History to give us hope again for the year to come. It also has a lot to do with the emersions that follow. Well, at our place, we step up the readings a notch or two and perform them, dramatically I guess you would say. But please do not think about those "practical" skits that you watch on Sunday mornings that seem to do nothing but confuse the congregation. These have lots of color and banners and art and movement and yet the Word is preserved (when done well) as the joy of the service. So, anywho, the Flood reading is one of these and so this morning I just inwardly groaned at the thought of hearing more. But I should not have done so because as so often happens with the Word, you learn something new every time.

I must stop for today but wanted to post something, so there ya go. My first blogspot post. How quaint.

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Katherine said...

I can read it! So get those cgs going! :) Basically I'm a computer whiz and found a way to sneak around the great firewall of China. Hehehe...I'm a sneaky one!