Wednesday, April 25

wedding mania

Well, I think we're finally here. Wedding mania...more challenging than wrestle mania, by far. It's so odd that such a nice thing, a beautiful thing really should be met also with trepidation, horror, and just good ol' stress.

Just had lunch with the sister which was good...nothing wrong with that at all. But, we're definitely in crunch time. Yesterday I rearranged all the tickets because I'm now driving my parents' car (which Hope's had through college) to Texas with my unsuspecting little brother (whose birthday is today and does not know yet that a plane ticket accompanies his birthday card).

Hope is in finals and finishing wedding stuff and the last day of her finals, her future mother-in-law will be in town helping them move into the new apartment. That should be good, but a little stressful for her. Friday we go for another fitting with the M-I-L. But, then Hope was talking to her future sister-in-law who's a .MAC make-up artist for their shoots and is doing Hope's, my mom and her own mom's make-up and she wants an hour for each. Between the picnic that day and the hair being done and the rest of us getting ready, I think that's a little much. Apparently, she was freaking when talking to Hope about it and totally stressing Hope out, who left to her own devices, was feeling good about everything. Why can't people butt out? Ya know, let them save their stress for their own weddings...maybe that's harsh but it's true, there's enough stress about weddings in general that people shouldn't add to the bride's stress. I'd like to have my whole wedding planned way in advance. Maybe I'll go work on that right now... :)

Anywho, I just got a call that my [bridesmaid] dress is in and I'm ordering the shoes really soon. Would you like to see them? Yes, well, you're in luck because you're going to get to :)

Pretty, right? Now, personally I wouldn't've gone with pink and green, but that's what makes us so great, we're totally different...but as pink and green dresses go, it could've been a lot sho.

So, yes, lots of weddingness lately, but it's fun because we get to go tubing and I'm supposed to do a little pseudo-bachelorette party and stuff and a cool rehearsal dinner and it'll be a nice, hott, tan start to summer...hooray, it's coming!

Today has that beautiful warm air blowing, not the usual cold, this may be the day it turned to summer...hey, you should check out the e-vite to my birthday...and you would be invited to the girls day but alas, you are in China and I am here. Boo, but also good. I'm currently transcribing the story of a teacher in China, like you kind of. Very spunky and obedient. Kind of fun, makes me think of you more often.

I got your monthly letter. Thinking of you! More to come on general life later...


Katherine said...

I like the new look of the blog! Very classy! I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration and that you felt beautiful and loved. Talk to you soon. :)

Katherine said...

I miss you!