Friday, November 7

nothing to say

well, here I am trying to be a good blogista and a good friend but I really can't think of anything to say. how is my life you ask? hmm..."Same ol'" is the response you're likely to get. But, as that does not make for a good blog, perhaps something spicier.

--Well, here's a blog that the illustrious Mink introduced me to:
It's really the bomb diggidy schmiggidy and gets me through many days of work.

--We have a new President Elect which is all good and well and I'm happy for him. However, I really don't want to hear anything more about race. I think it's very cool that we actually elected a non-white president but I just hope that wasn't the leading factor for most people. That seems like just an alternate form of prejudice. But, in any case, good luck to him.

--We just got back from Alabama for our friends' wedding and it was fun. Spent a lot of the time in the car. I just realized that driving is one of those things I get really frustrated about (just ask Henry or Jenn or Greg). I don't like people commenting on my driving, I don't like being lost, I don't like having to u-turn and I especially don't like when the GPS takes 10 minutes to find my location in Birmingham. And for some reason all of these things happened very frequently this past weekend. I try not to be frustrated but hate turning the wrong way--just one of the multitudinous ways in which my perfectionism manifests itself? I don't know what you're talking about.

--Dancing. I love dancing, my heart feels fulfilled when I dance. Today, my abs feel worked out from the dance. Never happened before...ever. It's pretty awesome though.

--Pumpkin pie. My heart also feels fulfilled by pumpkin pie and I'm pretty freakin' excited that we still have a giant $6 Costco one in our refrigerator.

--Getting engaged. Better the second time around...most definitely. Today marks exactly one year since the esteemed Greg Pfeifer (now my husband) begged for me to be his wife. If you want to read the story again (or for the very first time), go here. If you don't, then well, you're not my true friend. Jokes. I mean really how many times does someone really want to hear their friend's engagement story?

--Will post more pics, happenings and tidbits soon. This was just to get Katherine off my back :)

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